Frequently Asked Product Questions

Will the Glass Cleaner stain my glass?

Our Glass Cleaner has been tested on all glass types and has not caused any staining, however to make for a more effective clean:

  • Ensure the glass is cold before you apply the solution, and do not allow the solution to dry on the glass, as this may make removal more difficult.
  • For really stubborn burned on deposits - spray the cleaner on the glass and then place a piece of kitchen paper on the glass, leave to soak for a few minutes before agitating.
  • Always rinse off with a water moistened damp cloth.
  • Never use coal ash or abrasive substances to clean as this will create micro-scratches in the glass.
  • Our Original 2 and 4 Blade Fans needs 230mm of height to allow the blades to rotate freely.
  • The Valiant PremiAIR, Premium 4 and Ventum III requires just 200mm of height. Ventum II needs only 175mm of height
  • Vanquish 250 needs 251mm
  • The stove needs to have a flat level surface so the fan may sit safely.
Can I put hot ashes in the Fireside Tidy or Fireside Bucket?

You can put hot ash into either the Fireside Tidy or the Fireside Bucket, but this is not recommended as the heat may damage flooring. The powder coat paint finish is resilient to heat though is not flame proof, so substantial red hot glowing embers may cause deterioration.

How effective are the stove fans?

Forced air convection (from a fan heater or hair dryer) is far more effective and immediate than a static radiator, the Valiant range of Heat Powered Stove Fans are very effective at moving the air heated by the stove into the room, thus speeding up the distribution of warmth. The PremiAIR 4™/Premium 4* is an advanced fan that scavenges heat from the surface of the stove (it sits lower to the surface) and propels into the room, it starts at a much lower temperature than other models to further enhance the effectiveness.

*PremiAIR 4™ superseded by the Premium 4

Will the stove fan be suitable for my fireplace?

Our Original 2 and 4 Blade Fans need 230mm of height to allow the blades to rotate freely. The Valiant PremiAIR requires just 200mm of height. The stove needs to have a flat level surface so the fan may sit safely.

What is the maximum operating temperature of the stove fans?

The maximum surface temperature that the fan is designed to cope with is 340°C. There is a safety device (a bi-metallic strip) that raises the front surface about 2mm as the temperature exceeds 250°C to protect the electrical generating device (peltier). Please check the maximum operating temperature of your stove and if it is below 340°C the fan will operate safely. You can use a Valiant Thermometer to check the operating temperatures of your stove.


Never directly in front of the flue pipe – this will cook/damage the fan! The best place is at either side of the flue pipe facing forward, or at the front edge of the stove. Practice will find the best place for fastest fan rotation, - but the top section needs to be a cool (less hot) as possible.

What is the minimum useful operating temperature of the Stove fans?

The PremiAIR 4™/Premium 4* stove fans starts to rotate when the surface temperature is around 45°C depending on the room temperature. The blades will proceed to develop a useful flow at around 55°C and progressively run faster up to a maximum of around 200°C – these are perfect for the newer range of stoves where the tops do not get searing hot and traditional stoves alike.

*PremiAIR 4™ superseded by the Premium 4

Where should I place the Stove Thermometer?

Anywhere it can be situated with a relatively flat surface (horizontal, vertical or in between). Alternatively place on the outlet collar of the stove, at the place where the flue pipe is connected. The needle will give a gauge of the temperature reached, so is perfect for adjusting air vents to achieve desired temperature and for trouble shooting when the stove may not be appearing to be performing so well.

Why do I need a moisture meter?

Moisture in fuel is the single worst culprit causing soot, tar, and smoke, liner damaging acids, pollution, inadequate heat and wasted money. Using heat to dry the fuel can waste over 50% of your heat and fuel, which costs you. We advise every wood burner to invest in a decent moisture meter.

The Valiant Moisture Meter is a quality instrument designed to accurately measure the moisture content of wood. Keep the reading below 20% and you have every good chance of 100% successful warm and effective fire.

Is the Carry & Store suitable for my open fire?

YES, the Valiant Carry & Store is perfect for collecting logs from the wood store and transporting to the fireplace, or stove alike. Always ensure that logs, flammable materials and the Carry & Store are a safe distance from open flames or extreme heat.