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Our Ventum II bundle includes: a Ventum II stove fan, a Moisture Meter and a Stove Thermometer - saving you nearly 30% off.

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The Ventum II blade fan, specially designed for small stove tops and restricted spaces, packs a mighty punch; don’t be deceived by its diminutive size, sitting at just 174mm high. Despite its small stature, the airflow from the Ventum II is significantly higher than one might expect. This is due to the carefully developed lightweight blades which scoop great amounts of air propelling it forward through a narrower stream at a tremendous rate. A new easy start motor also means that the fan will start when the base temperature is as low as 45°C.

Use the Moisture Meter to test that your firewood is fully seasoned. Then enjoy a fire with less smoke, reduced chimney deposits and lower environmental pollution. Fuel quality is the single most important aspect of making a successful fire. To burn effectively the moisture content of firewood needs to be less than 20%, whether it be an open fire or in a stove.

The magnetic Thermometer is designed to display the temperature very clearly to enable the owner to maintain a safe and efficient operating temperature, which optimises fuel consumption. The Thermometer has a robust design and a strong magnet, which is suitable for use on any hot steel or iron surface including stoves, BBQ, ranges, patio heaters, flue pipes or chimineas.

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