Crystal Shine Glass Cleaner

Dissolve and cut through grease and grime without scratching the delicate surface thanks to Valiant Crystal Shine Glass Cleaner. Designed to maintain your stove glass and leave it with a shine, the product can also be used on all other glass surfaces. Get an impressive streak free finish that will make your home sparkle.

Easy to use for gleaming results.

Incomplete combustion of coal or wood in solid fuel stoves can cause residue build-up on glass doors. Valiant’s Crystal Shine Glass Cleaner works to cut through these deposits, leaving your surface shining.

  • Trigger pump action for controllable spray

  • Handy 500ml bottle

  • Effective cleaner on all non-porous stone surfaces

  • Use on dry surfaces

  • Always try on an inconspicuous area first

Directions for use:
Spray onto a cold surface, agitate with a soft brush or cloth and wipe off with a clean, damp cloth.

Product Height: 250mm
Product Volume: 500ml

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