Stove Thermometer

Designed to monitor the temperature & performance of your stove

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Key Features

  • Attaches by a strong magnet
  • Use to monitor stove temperature & performance
  • Use to measure flue pipe temperature
  • Reduce or optimise fuel consumption
  • Optimise the stove temperature to reduce chimney deposits
  • Decrease the risk of overheating damage

Product Description


The magnetic Thermometer is designed to display the temperature very clearly to enable the owner to maintain a safe and efficient operating temperature, which optimises fuel consumption. The Thermometer has a robust design and a strong magnet, which is suitable for use on any hot steel or iron surface including stoves, BBQ, ranges, patio heaters, flue pipes or chimineas.


• Place the Thermometer on the top, front or side, on a flat or curved surface. The built in magnet will maintain its hold on to steel up to temperatures of around 800°F (425°C).

• Suitable for use with most vitreous enamel, iron or steel flue pipes.


Diameter: 63mm
Weight: 50g


150 x 109 x 19mm
Weight: 75g

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Stove Thermometer:

from 26 reviews

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by: Tim Weaver on 2nd Mar. 2017

Excellent product that does exactly what it says and is very easy to attach.

by: Oscar on 27th Jan. 2017

It measures the temperature very well, has a magnet and sticks to the woodstove in the place that you like.

by: kevyn lock on 18th Jan. 2017

had my stove thermometer just over a year and it started giving incorrect readings, Valliant customer services came to the rescue. very impressed by Valliant aftersales care, even when strictly out of warranty! A+

by: Brett on 5th Jan. 2017

I made the mistake of initially buying a cheaper thermometer, It was no good so I ended up buying the Valiant. This works much reliably and accurately, pointer does not stick and is easier to read from a distance.

by: Web Customer on 30th Dec. 2016

Practical and straight forward to use. If you do not want to make holes and do not need a great precision, you have a good reference with this thermometer.

by: Gary on 1st Dec. 2016

Great product.

by: Mark M on 2nd Nov. 2016

It's a really good thermometer, easy to keep within the optimum temperature

by: Ben on 21st Oct. 2016

I have saved loads of money (more then the thermometer) by burning logs efficiently at the right temperature. It looks great and does not look cheap and tacky. I would highly recommend anyone having a stove fitted to install one of these. Its more then helpful, its saves fuel, saves damage to the stove and keeps guest busy staring at it for a minute or two.

by: A Customer on 15th Oct. 2016

Not much you can really say about this item... it reads temperature (which doesn't need to be super accurate) and it sticks to either my stove body or flue. Job's a good'n.

by: Terence Mc on 2nd Oct. 2016

Does the job out of the box. Easy to attach and working so far

by: Bumberbee on 18th Aug. 2016

Discrete, clear dial and helps us to keep the fire at its most efficient!

by: Mike B on 4th May. 2016

A very useful tool to have with your log burner

by: Ian Music on 13th Apr. 2016

Good product easy to install ,good price

by: Fraser Davey on 7th Apr. 2016


by: D James on 5th Apr. 2016

I saw lots of these around and was not sure which to get. This is a great little device which I initially put flat on the top of the wood burner and then on the upright flue pipe. Since putting there have been checking the temperature and using it to assist in when to reload the burner. Nice and easy to fit and move and allows you at a glance to see how efficient the burn is. The colour of the dial also is easy to read but does not look cheap and chearful - blends in the the burner well.

by: Daisy Mae on 29th Feb. 2016

Didn't know what to expect for the money, but this is brilliant. New to wood burning stoves couldn't get our fires right. Optimum burn is just that, getting the best fires ever. Can control heat better and wood burn more economical. No hesitating in recommending this

by: A Campbell on 9th Jan. 2016

perfect I know when I am at the perfect burn.

by: Anon on 1st Dec. 2015

This works better than I thought it would, when in the red your burner is at optimal operating temperature, when you see it's out of the red it's time to put more fuel in :) I placed it on the side of the stove at the top

by: Tom J on 18th Nov. 2015

Before getting this, I was simpling lighting our log burner and running it up to what I though was a safe hot temperature. As it turns out, I was over firing - now with this, its simple - open all vents until its up to temperature, then shut the front vent and control the temperature with the top air wash vent - keeping the thermometer in the "Optimum Burn" zone

by: Phil C on 15th Nov. 2015

Definately worth getting for a stove as it helps efficiency, but also adds to the fun of a real fire.

by: Stuart B on 22nd Oct. 2015

Brought for my jotul F100. Nice to know where the optimal burn is. Works very well.

by: Darren Brown on 16th Oct. 2015

Good little magnetic thermometer, good strong magnet and fairly sturdy design. Bought with a Valiant stove fan, so as to be able to judge the optimum temp of my stove and to check that I wasnt overheating my stove fan.

by: Peter on 16th Sep. 2015

My stove is a 5kwatt Moreso. I have it attached to the flue which is a wide diameter but curved as usual. I have found no problems with it. The magnet holds it to the flue with no problem and the needle moves to optimum burn as one would expect. I am happy with it.

by: Dave Steward on 10th Feb. 2015

Good product.

by: Alex on 2nd Nov. 2014

Essential piece of kit as gives you the information to close all the air entrances and improve efficiency. Really very happy with it. Essential in any stove

by: Mike B on 30th Jan. 2014

Good little magnetic thermometer, good strong magnet and fairly sturdy design. Bought with a Valiant stove fan, so as to be able to judge the optimum temp of my stove and to check that I wasn't overheating my stove fan.